Rugby (Union) Rules

Date/Site Changes

Where a Rugby Union match is postponed to a later day, all bets on the match shall be void.

Minimum Length of Play

If a match commences but is subsequently officially abandoned without full time being called by the referee, all bets on that match shall be void, with the exception of bets whose outcome has already been decided at the time of abandonment.

Rugby Union Wagers

Match Betting

Where the draw option is offered, bets are decided on the result at the end of normal time (i.e. extra time is not included). Where the draw option is not offered and the match finishes after normal time (ie no extra time is played) then dead heat rule applies. If extra time is played then this will be included for settlement purposes. If the match ends in a draw after any extra time, Golden Point or Penalty shootout then dead heat rule applies.

Handicap / Line Betting

Where no tie option is offered, in the event of a handicap line being a solid line eg. +7, +8 bets will be refunded if the match results in a handicap tie.

Winning Margin

The draw option is always offered, although in other betting options where the draw option is not offered, dead heat rules apply.

Quarter/Half Markets

For bets placed on the specific quarters or halves, the entire period must be played. If the entire period is not completed then bets on those markets will be void, except for those markets which have been unconditionally determined.

Tryscorer Betting

Penalty tries do not count. In the event of a penalty try, settlement goes on to the next awarded try. We will make every effort to quote prices for all probable players. Prices for unquoted players will always be available on request and those players will count as winners in the event that they score.

First Tryscorer 

Bets are all in if your player is in the squad regardless if they have taken the pitch before the first try has been scored.

Anytime / Last Tryscorer 

Bets will stand if a player takes any part in a game, no matter how long they play for. Money will be refunded only if a player does not enter the field of play at any stage.

Next Tryscorer 

Requires you to predict the player that will score the next try in the match. 80 minutes only (or the scheduled minutes in “7s”, “9’s” or “10’s” matches), unless otherwise stated. All players that have taken part in the game before the next try is scored will be deemed runners. Bets on players that do not take any part in the game before the next try is scored will be void. If there are no further tries scored “No Tryscorer” will be the winning selection. If no price is offered for “No Tryscorer” and no further tries are scored then all bets will be void.

Tournament Winner 

Wager on winner of the tournament after any post-season playoff concludes. All Regular Season records are not taken into count.

Regular Season Markets

Wagers will be settled on outcomes after the end of the Regular Season. Any post-season matches will not count.

Top Tryscorer/Team Tryscorer/Top Points Scorer

Dead heat rules apply for season long markets. If player takes no part for the whole season then bets will be void, else bets will stand.