Gorilla Kingdom

  • Gorilla Kingdom™ is a 5-reel video slot with up to 1024 bet ways featuring Free Spins with a Symbol Transform Feature and Extra Free Spins.
  • The game is played with 1024 bet ways and different bet and coin values.
  • BET is the amount of coins or cash to bet.
  • Bet value is set with the arrows next to the COIN VALUE section.
  • BALANCE displays the amount of cash or coins available to bet.
  • The coin value is set using the COIN VALUE selector.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.
  • Symbol payout values shown in the Paytable are dynamic and change in accordance with the selected bet value.
  • Matching symbols in any position on two or more adjacent reels, starting from leftmost reel to the rightmost reel is a winning combination. For more information about the number of symbols
  • needed, see the paytable.
  • Bet way wins pay if in succession from leftmost reel to right.
  • Example as follows:


  • Only the longest matching combination per symbol is paid.
  • More bet way wins are created when additional instances of the symbol appear on the same reels that create the longest bet way win.
  • A bet way win is equal to the value shown in the Paytable.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet ways are added

Scatter Symbol

  • 3 or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activate Free Spins.
  • The correspondence between the number of Scatter Symbols and Free Spins awarded is as follows:
  • 3 Scatter symbols = 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatter symbols = 15 Free Spins
  • 5 Scatter symbols = 20 Free Spins

Free Spins & Extra Free Spins

  • When 2 or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels in Free Spins, Extra Free Spins are awarded.
  • These Extra Free Spins are automatically added to the remaining Free Spins won in the main game.
  • 2 Scatter symbols = 3 Extra Free Spins 
  • 3 Scatter symbols = 10 Extra Free Spins 
  • 4 Scatter symbols = 15 Extra Free Spins 
  • 5 Scatter symbols = 20 Extra Free Spins 
  • 2 Extra Free Spins are awarded each time an animal panel is filled. For more information on animal panels, check the Symbol Transform section.
  • Free Spins are played at the same bet as the round that activated Free Spins.
  • At the end of Free Spins:
  • The total win from Free Spins is added to any wins from the round that activated Free Spins.
  • The game returns to main game.

Symbol Transform

  • In Free Spins, the Gorilla symbol 3 may appear randomly transformed into a Gorilla mask 4 on the reels.
  • The Gorilla mask symbol has the same value as the original Gorilla symbol, and it is counted as such when evaluating the wins.
  • When a Gorilla mask is present on the reels, it rolls out landing into and filling a slot of the animal panel.
  • The 4 round panels embedded in the totem stone feature the animal symbols of the game (except for the Gorilla symbol): Leopard, Hornbill, Okapi, and Pangolin.
  • Animal panels are filled in this order of appearance
  • When 6 4 have been collected, 5 transforms into 3 on reels.
  • When 12 4  have been collected,6 transforms into 3 on reels.
  • When 18 4 have been collected,7  transforms into 3 on reels.
  • When 24 4  have been collected, 8 transforms into 3 on reels.
  • Once all 24 slots of the totem stone are filled, 4 disappears from the reels.
  • At the end of Free Spins, all transformed symbols revert to their original form.

Game Functions

  • The table below lists the different buttons found in the game and describes their functions.

Main Game


 Spin Button

Click to start a game round at the current bet value.


 Stop Button

Click to stop the game round.


 Quick Spin

Click to turn Quick spin on or off (not available in all Casinos).


 Auto Play

Click to choose the number of Autoplay rounds and advanced Autoplay settings


 Stop Autoplay

If Autoplay rounds have been chosen, the remaining number of rounds is displayed on the Spin button. Click the Spin button to stop Autoplay.


 Coin Value

Click up and down arrows to change coin value.
The text on the button is displayed in the current game language



Click to mute the game sounds or use the slider to adjust the sound volume.



Click to access the game settings and game information.

Game Settings and Game Information



Click to view winning combinations and payouts.


 Game Settings

Click to view the game settings menu.
• Quick Spin: Turns the Quick spin option on or off (not available in all Casinos).
• Spacebar to spin: Turns the spacebar function on or off.
• Show bet in cash: Switches between bet in cash and bet in coins.


 Game Rules

Click to view the game rules.


 Game History

Click to view your latest game history. The game history is available only when playing for money. Note: The game history might be displayed with a delay.
Note: The game logs will always display coin rather than cash value: regardless of the mode selected before play. A reminder that a win in cash equals a win in coins multiplied by the coin value.


 Advanced Autoplay Settings

To set advanced Autoplay settings, click on the Autoplay button and choose the number of Autoplay rounds. Then click Advanced Settings to choose one or more stop conditions. To start the Autoplay rounds, click on the Spin button.
The text on the button is displayed in the current game language.
• On any win. Stops Autoplay when you win in a round.
• If Free Spins is won. Stops Autoplay when Free Spins is won.
• If single win exceeds. Stops Autoplay when the amount you win exceeds or equals the amount you specify.
• If cash increases by: Stops Autoplay if cash increases by the amount you specify.
• If cash decreases by: Stops Autoplay if cash decreases by the amount you specify.
Click Reset to clear all chosen Autoplay stop conditions.
Note: If you are disconnected while playing, all Autoplay settings will return to default when you reload the game
Note: Some Autoplay settings are mandatory for some jurisdictions



Click to go back to the main game.

Additional Information

  • The following game features and settings may be subject to the terms and conditions of the gaming site. For more information on the following, refer to the gaming website: 
  • The procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds.
  • The time after which inactive game sessions automatically end.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.

Return to Player

  • The theoretical return to player for this game is 96.03%.

Translations of Game Terminology

Note: The following table is only applicable if you are playing in a language other than English.

 English Term Translated Term 
 Free Spins   Free Spins
 Extra  Free Spins  Extra Free spins
 Gorilla  Gorilla
 Symbol Transform  Symbol Transform
 Scatter  Scatter
 Big Win  Big Win
 Mega Win  Mega Win
 Super Mega Win  Super Mega Win

Last modification date: 4/27/2021